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Model 16 Electric 50

  • Make: Grand Island
  • Model: Party Fish
  • Length: 16 ft
  • Price: $42,000
  • Availability: delivery 60 days
  • Ramps: Port Side Ramp,
  • Motor: Stealth Electric Outboard 50hp with Batteries and controls
  • Accessibility Modifications: We eliminate port side bench seat, replace the full-size bench in the rear with a port front corner bench seat. This will not extend all the way across the back, giving access to the back of the boat behind the driver's seat.
More Information:
16ft Party Fish Pontoon, Dishon EZ-Design Port Side Ramp. 23 in pontoons, 2 Pedestal seats up front and Stealth Electric Outboard 50hp with Batteries and controls. Custom interior – not shown.

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